Gahan Wilson And The Definition of Contemporary Issues

Gahan Wilson And A World of Contemporary Issues

Gahan Wilson is a talented satirist whose unique style of commenting on contemporary social and political issues involves using cartoon metaphors in depicting a dark, dangerous and unfair world. Current contemporary issues can be similarly portrayed: they are dynamic, controversial, often ominous issues that face our society as well as challenge societal values and responsibilities.

For instance:

Contemporary issues are current, arguable topics, such as abortion, gambling, television violence, and affirmative action.

Contemporary issues have particular relevance to the present time and inevitably affect our  life experience, most often significantly if we are lucky (or unlucky, perhaps) to live long enough. Contemporary issues are the things that inform our well being, our longevity, our joy, our pain and ultimately, our destiny.

Here are some examples: international conflict, terrorism, global warming, societal changes, criminal justice, pollution & waste management, natural resources & energy conservation, urban development, bioethics, market & workplace globalization, information management & security, mobile technology & mobile communications.

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